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First step is to clamp the canopy frame into position.

Spacers are used on the side rails to hold them off the fuselage.

Although the canopy is supposed to be in final trim, I had to trim it on all four sides to get the proper fit.

Here the canopy is clecoed in place along the front and rear of the frame.

Now is the time to paint the frame.  I painted mine to match my interior.

Now the side panels can be riveted in place and bolted through the canopy.

The handle was polished and assembled.

The side foam was glued into the proper location and sanded smooth in preparation for the fiberglass layup.

My plan is to lay up the glass and then remove it to finish it.  I put down thin plastic and marked the location of the cut lines in black marker.  These will transfer to the glass when it is applied.

I marked the outline of the lay up in the aluminum foil.  This is where I will cut the layup after it is wetted out.

Construction of the canopy continues on the next page.